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Showroom Partner Program
  • Become a Hallman Home Showroom Partner
  • Leverage your Fanatical Support of Our Brand
  • Earn 10% Commission on Your Showings
Home Show Partner Program

Hallman Industries has been in business since 2005 and we have always strived to source the best products for our customers. Simultaneously, we have always worked hard to treat our customers like family, often going out of our way to ensure that everyone ends the day with a smile on their face. Fortunately for us, and the entire Hallman tribe of appliance users around the nation, you have become our biggest cheerleaders.

Instead of putting our product on display at appliance showrooms, we have always tried to save the margin so that we could give it back to you in creative ways. The Home Show Program is an innovative approach that allows our owner/user network around the nation to act as sales showrooms, at their discretion, and earn commission for the work and participation that you contribute.

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Sales through your extensive knowledge

As 1099 sales contractors, you can receive inquiries from interested buyers, establish communication, discuss the product, and help grow our sales through your extensive knowledge and experience using Hallman appliances and working with us.

If you are comfortable showing the product in your home, you can do so at your sole discretion and will attract more interested buyers. However, if you wish to only be a virtual salesperson for the project, you also can turn off In-Person consultations, and opt only for virtual.

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Salespersons will receive 10% commission

You will receive a referral code for your account, and that will be the way that your sales are tracked. Salespersons will receive 10% commission checks when the product has shipped, and sale has been finalized. Our average ticket is approximately $5k so your commission would be $500

This is the first program of this nature in the appliance industry, and it should be interesting to see how it is received. We hope that you will participate and help bridge the gap between eCommerce and Brick & Mortar. Thank you for your consideration, as always.


The Hallman Team
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